About Us

 Hey there!

First off- thank you for visiting us here at Livvy Rose Littles!

I started Livvy Rose Littles after having my first little. When shopping for her I quickly realized how detrimental the baby fashion world is. Items are often mass produced with little regard to the tiny people wearing them and the environment they are growing up in. I was astonished to see the massive amounts of waste that accompanied such tiny pieces of clothing.

When I initially got into sustainable fashion and created the first image of Livvy Rose it was by reselling highly sought after baby brands that I sourced from local thrift and resell stores. I did this for about a year until the start of 2021 when I realized not only did I want to support more sustainable practices but I also wanted to support local creators and local economies.

Organic, eco-friendly, handmade, slow fashion- it is a near impossible task finding a one stop location for these ideals when it comes to shopping for our babes. Thus, Livvy Rose Littles was born. Every item you see here was sought out and picked by me- often custom ordered and limited edition. I hand pack every order and strive to make the experience of intent fueled shopping a memorable one.

I hope to provide that central location for people with the same values to find clothing that was created with intent for all of our littles.

- Leslie